2017 / Home Interior Products / Bathroom fittings/appliances / Student

Soap Dish

  • Company
    Savannah College of Art and Design, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Xiaoyang Chen
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  • University
    Savannah College Of Art And Design

The soap dish is designed to solve the problem
that as the soap being used, it became smaller
and smaller and eventually it will be not
convenience to use but wasteful to just throw it
away at the same time. During the design
process, the challenge would be the method to
recycle the small pieces of soap. The soap dish
contains two components; the upper part
would be oak with CNC manufactory process;
the lower part would be injection molding
silicon. The social and environmental impact
would be the soap dish provides a simple way
of recycling for the consumer, and plant the
idea of environmental protection awareness
into their mind. The simple action of recycling
also bonding the consumer with the product
they recycle.

Photo Credit: Savannah College Of Art And Design