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PARABO, upgrading users' experience in public restroom

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Bathroom fittings/appliances
  • Company
    Creativity Off Standard Sl, Andorra
  • Lead Designer
    Marc Samson
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Upgrading users’ experience in public
The Problem:
We are now over 7 billion persons on earth
and we are mostly concentrated in a few
large cities. We are travelling and moving
from one place to another at an accelerating
rate through busy airports, train stations,
malls, skyscrapers, undergrounds,
highways... Most of us feel exhausted at the
end of a journey.
We try to hide to ourselves that our bodies
need some time and place to relax and to be
alone. It just doesn’t work. This is why
more and more offices and airports around
the world are offering people a quiet
environment for a nap to turn our mind off
for a few minutes. The city of Toronto has
even set up a kind of a «nap cubicle» on its
downtown sidewalks so that anyone can use it
to slow down a few minutes.
The Solution:
PARABO fits into this healthy trend of
taking care of our body and mind, while
keeping ourselves performing to our maximum.
PARABO offers some privacy with its curved
half wall. You appreciate being somewhat
isolated from the crowd for a few minutes
when passing through a busy airport.
PARABO also offers a unique feature with its
UV light (black light) integrated into its
hand dryer. In an ergonomic movement, from
left to right, soap drops into your hands
automatically, and then water rinses your
hands and then under the hand dryer. A UV
light turned on automatically, you can see
through the window if your hands still have
bacteria. Bacteria will be visible (if any)
thanks to the black light effect.
PARABO name comes from the French
words «paravent» which is a screen
and «lavabo» a washing basin.

Creativity Off Standard sl is in the field of creativity «Cross Tech Design» where I invent & Design new products, that do not yet exist, and from which there is a large market to be reached out. I also improve existing product Design to make them more efficient, user friendly, better or simply more desirable by their innovative Design. These innovative concepts and Designs are sold to businesses that will bring them to market worldwide, solving small and large problems of life.

«Cross Tech Design» is the art of reorganizing existing technologies from different fields towards new application

Other prizes
Winner of THE JAMES DYSON AWARD 2017 for Italy. Winner of 4 Silver Prizes at the EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2017. For a complete list of awards and to view the portfolio please visit www.creativityoffstandard.com .

Photo Credit: Creativity Off Standard Sl