2017 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Student

Leira Lounge Chair

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Lead Designer
    Refaeli Ma
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    Product Information Dimensions: Overall – 38.61’’w X 38.4’’d X 44.5’’ H ( 980.694mm W X 975.36mm D X 1130.3mm H ) Material: Suede & Leather (upholstery), Lamb Fur (pillow), Plywood (shell), Aluminum (base)

Leira is a dedicated lounge chair only for “you.”

This design project targets the Millennial, the soon-
to-be leading generation of consumers. They are
full of vitality, creativity, and imagination. For those
that live in a fast-paced urban city, they often are
swamped by their social and work lives. This chair
is dedicated for those who want to treat themselves
with high-quality personal time at home.

Leira was inspired by the Chinese Zen chair, which
has a large sitting surface that allows people to put
the whole body into the chair. The sitting surface is
even big enough for meditation. Chinese Zen chair
creates a harmonious and peaceful artistic
conception, and deeply inspired me to design and
manufacture the Leira lounge chair.

The spacious interior space allows people to
change the position however they want. Offering a
wider interior for ample seating space, the unique
ergonomic backrest form provides the most
comfortable support. The wooden frame is wrapped
in the soft leather. Daring, organic lines, and
delicate stitching design make Leira more unique
and exquisite.

Leira, treat your personal time better than ever.

Photo Credit: Refaeli Ma
Credits: Product information Dimensions: Overall – 38.61’’W x 38.4’’D x 44.5’’ H ( 980.694mm W x 975.36mm D x 1130.3mm H ) Material: Suede & Leather (upholstery), Lamb fur (pillow), Plywood (shell), Aluminum (base)