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Airclad Xpo Event Structure

  • Company
  • Director
    Nick Crosbie
  • Design Team
    Frederik van Heereveld

Bespoke 10m Airclad Date January 23, 2013 Category Australia, Live Project About This Project AirClad is a modular portable "shell" system to rapidly create stunning architecture and spaces. There is no limit to what AirClad can do- these buildings are much more than just a pop-up structure. AirClad creates a natural appearance and durability that elevates the perception of an event or stay. Airclad is a product with foundations for a new light-hearted way of contemporary living. The AirClad is efficient, consisting of a frame system made of aluminum timber or steel, resulting in a rigid light weight structure. The frame structures are provided Aircells, with a constructive and insulatative effect. There are no/minimal foundations needed for easy installation. The AirClads "flat pack" and deliver without complex operations. They offer a solution for difficult-to-access areas or areas where traditional construction is not possible. The speed with which we can produce ensures that AirClad may also provide for rapidly escalating needs such as temporary events and lodging or in disaster areas, etc. Designers : Frederik and Nick Brave and fearless we go with AirClad. We battle to translate architectural solutions where no one can match our jobs. We design and make innovative inflatable and semi-permanent structures. We have no hot air or pat answers. Well - literally - inflated designs that transcend the everyday and your ideas to a higher level. AirClad invested into the design and development of two large bespoke expo systems for KIA, on their site at the Australian Open. As the main sponsor of one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world, it was important that they had an impressive showcase structure to make the most of their investment in the event. This bespoke structure has created a large open plan event space, enabling multiple areas, display cars and interactive displays.

Photo Credit: Airclad