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Coq Cheese Trolley

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    Patrick Sarran
  • Design Team

The COQ® cheese trolley has been created by Patrick Sarran both designer and craftsman. It is dedicated to fine gourmet restaurants and can be customized. These carts are fitted with a ventilated eutectic cooling system. Once the hood is closed, a fan releases a layer of chilled air over the cheese. The chilled air is released over a two-hour period by a ‘eutectic’ cold pack that needs to be placed in the freezer before use. Condensation is simply not an issue because of the ventilation and materials employed. Cheese remains fresh and dry throughout service. A warning light indicates that the fan is working and that the battery needs charging. A full recharge takes three hours, while the trolley offers seven hours of battery life when fully charged. COQ® is very compact, light, easy to move, manoeuvrable and stable. With just one hand on the hood, waiters glide effortlessly between tables in even the smallest dining rooms, carry the trolley up or down a few steps, elegantly serve cheese and put back the space-saving trolley in its storage space. Suggesting cheese to diners, moving the trolley around, removing the hood, extending the board, serving cheese and finally closing up the trolley are all effortless, making diners want to be served. At the end of service, the cheese board can be removed, covered and placed back in the fridge ready for the next service. Cheese protected from sudden changes of temperature and unnecessary handling will not be wasted. The COQ® cheese trolley can be dismantled into easy-to- clean sub-sections in less than a minute, without the need for any tools. The COQ design accord with Luis Sullivan formula, form follows function.

Photo Credit: Quiso