2017 / Material Design / Manufacturing / Student


  • Company
    college of science & technology ningbo university, China
  • Lead Designer
    Lei Shi;zheyuan Zhou;ying Zhang ;chenwei Zhu;zijing Zhu
  • Design Team
    ying zhang ; zheyuan zhou ; chenwei zhu;zijing zhu
  • Project Link

In our daily life, we shall prepare a pencil to make a mark
when measuring, which is quite inconvenient.
The technique of mortise joint is applied to this kind of
measuring tape. With the outer contour made of bended
bamboo and a bamboo plank embedded in each side, the
bamboo tube is used to store the measuring tape. The head
of the measuring tape is made of bamboo charcoal, which
can be used to mark when measuring. The tape replaces
traditional materials with bamboo, which is a good example
of applying eco-friendly materials to our daily life.

Photo Credit: College Of Science & Technology Ningbo University