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multi-LIFE Buoy

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    Creativity Off Standard sl, Andorra
  • Lead Designer
    Marc Samson
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multi-LIFE Buoy
Two buoy designs have been presented to Mr.
Marcus Eriksen, Co-founder & Researcher
Director at The 5 Gyres Institute of Los
Angeles. A leading Organization that fights
ocean plastic pollution through education
and science. One of the two designs is being
presented to this design contest.
Here are Mr. Marcus Eriksen’s quotes:
‘’Really cool design. This would be a great
FAD design, and a useful shoreline barrier
if it washes up where it's needed. We could
share this with colleagues in South East
Asia that work on plastic pollution
‘’These are both amazing designs. Let me
share with my contacts in Korea and SE Asia.
The Problem!
Generally speaking, 8 million metric tons of
plastic waste goes into oceans yearly – many
end up on our shores.

More specifically, the Aquaculture in South
Korea and other countries is a huge
industry. They are using styrofoam or
plastic buoys for which millions are lost at

Drifting currents bring these lost buoys to
land on Alaska’s and Canada’s shores and
beaches among other destinations. Fishermen
seem unable to fix these buoys so that they
can’t be lost at sea. It is a lost for
fishermen, as well as for the oceans, who is
getting even more pollution from human

The Solution!

One of the solutions is to design buoys that
can be useful while drifting and landing on
shores and beaches.

The multi-LIFE Buoy’s benefits:

- Serves as an artificial reef while
acting as fishing net buoy or while
drifting. Small fishes can hide and grow
into this artificial reef, which bring more
life into oceans and sustain fishing

- On shores, they become a shoreline
barrier or an artificial reef. As they would
be filled with plastic debris found on
shores, they help reduce pollution.

Creativity Off Standard sl is in the field of creativity «Cross Tech Design» where I invent & Design new products, that do not yet exist, and from which there is a large market to be reached out. I also improve existing product Design to make them more efficient, user friendly, better or simply more desirable by their innovative Design. These innovative concepts and Designs are sold to businesses that will bring them to market worldwide, solving small and large problems of life.

«Cross Tech Design» is the art of reorganizing existing technologies from different fields towards new application

Other prizes
Winner of THE JAMES DYSON AWARD 2017 for Italy. Winner of 4 Silver Prizes at the EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2017. For a complete list of awards and to view the portfolio please visit www.creativityoffstandard.com .

Photo Credit: Creativity Off Standard Sl