2017 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Student


  • Prizes
    Gold in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Lead Designer
    Shiyu Guo
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Sprout is a planter and an air fresher that
can improve the quality of air in your kids'
rooms. Air filtration is powered by elastic
thin-film solar panel.

It can give children aged 6 to 9 years, an
idea of how plants filter CO2 and produce
clean air. It works during sunlight, just
like plants.

The "leaf" is made from intelligent elastic
material and covered by a thin-film solar
panel. The light sensor is installed below
the "leaf".
The air is absorbed into Sprout from the
middle hole of the "leaf", and the fresh air
is released from the outlet to the plant
which brings the fresh smell of the plant
into the room.

Sprout is placed on the windowsill of kid's
room. The child can see the process of
Sprout's opening "leaf", and they can
understand Sprout is working when they see
the plant is shaking because of the flow of
fresh air. The whole process of improving the
quality of air is only powered by sunlight.

When darkness falls, the "leaf" will close
itself and Sprout will become dormant, just
like a plant, because it cannot get sunlight.
Kids can understand the basic function of the
ecological process.

Photo Credit: Shiyu Guo