2017 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Alternative Energy Source Equipmenet / Student

iconic solar carport

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Alternative Energy Source Equipmenet
  • Company
    iconic product GmbH, Austria
  • Lead Designer
    Carina Riepl & Roland Constantin Vallery
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  • Other credit
    Remarkable, Powerful And Modular Carport System With Entirely New Solar Membrane- Unique Form- Follows- Function Design - Highly Efficient, Lightweight And Flexible Solar Membrane - Best Match For Customer Requirements - Almost Independent Of The Grid, Optimized For Maximum Own Demand - Clean Solar Power After The Sun Goes Down With The Storage Solution - Affordable - Easy To Build And Easy To Use, Open Plug‘n Play Open Ev Functionality - Safe, Stable, Ce And Tüv Certificated - High Quality And Reuseable - Iconic And Symbolic Lifestyle Effect

iconic’s carport is simple - smart - stable, which means easy
to built, manufactured to the highest quality level and obtained
to meet e-mobility with an entirely new type of lightweight

iconics focus is the development and implementation of smart
products. based on mechanical engineering we work
interdisciplinarily regarding product design, architecture and
material research. the iconic creative carport system is pure
form follows function design, resulting from the elevation of
the customer requirements. 

Photo Credit: Iconic Product Gmbh
Credits: remarkable, powerful and modular carport system with entirely new solar membrane- unique form- follows- function design - highly efficient, lightweight and flexible solar membrane - best match for customer requirements - almost independent of the grid, optimized for maximum own demand - clean solar power after the sun goes down with the storage solution - affordable - easy to build and easy to use, open plug‘n play open EV functionality - safe, stable, ce and tüv certificated - high quality and reuseable - iconic and symbolic lifestyle effect