2017 / Toy Design / Remote Controlled Toy / Professional


  • Company
    BYROBOT CO.,LTD, Korea, Republic of
  • Lead Designer
    Sang Ki, Ji
  • Design Team
    Se Hwa, Hong Seok Young, Lee Seung Ho, Mo Gil Soon, Park
  • Project Link

"PETRONE" is the world's first smart device
enabled battle drone.

1. Transformable Design
It is transformable drone, so it can be
converted into Driving RC Car mode or FPV
Camera mode easily, through modular kits.

2. Modular Design
It is a quadcopter drone which has 4
individual motors & propellers. But since all
parts are modularized, it is quite helpful
for simple maintenance and easy replacement.

3. Safe Design
The 2 propeller guards in streamline shape
can protect users from the risks of injury.
Also, the user can safely land it on the
ground through 4 landing rubber legs as shock

4. Colorful Design
It has colorful LEDs. So, users can enjoy
night flight with no problem. Also user can
create a unique compositions of LED lighting
at will, according to preference.

5. Customized Design
It is Battle Drone. So, users can enjoy the
Flying Battle Game with drones equipped with
infrared transmitters and receivers.

Photo Credit: Byrobot Co.,ltd