2017 / Toy Design / Handmade Toy / Professional

Miffy and Melanie handmade and their changeable clothes

  • Prizes
    Silver in Toy Design/Toy for 3-6 year olds, Silver in Toy Design/Handmade Toy
  • Company
    just dutch, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Carin Derks
  • Design Team
    1 designer / total team 5
  • Client
    Just Dutch
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  • Other credit
    Miffy Handmade Won Silver In The Category 'best Toy For Children 3 - 5’ At The Junior Designs Awards 2016 In England.

I was wondering why there wasn't a crocheted
Miffy and Melanie (in our country they are called
nijntje and nina). I wanted the clothing to be
changeable, so that kids could keep dressing
Miffy and Melanie in different outfits. This is
important because it allows kids to act out
stories, which stimulates their cognitive
development and feeds their imagination.
Because they can change the outfits, it makes
even easier for them to imagine Miffy and Melanie
in all sorts of different roles.
- main characters are black and white (they both
can be a king, a queen or a farmer etc.)
- black, white and primary colors: children learn
the colors while they are playing and also these
colors represent the colors of the artists from the
famous Style Group. Dick Bruna - the artist who
developed Miffy - was inspired by this group.
- Children can learn about famous painters : the
first museum dress is just finished. Miffy and
Melanie are wearing dresses decorated with van
Gogh's most famous painting, allowing to
discover the story behind the sunflowers for
- The production is in Vietnam, women can work
at home, all the clothes are made by disabled
because this models are quitte simple. For them
it's extra hard to get work
- the clothes represents the typical famous dutch
landscape : flowers / tulips / a farmers overall, a
skating cap and the typical beach stripes
- the brand name just dutch represents the
typical Dutch simplicity, colors and design of this
character in a new authentic handcraft look. The
combination of all these ingredients gives a
contemporary and artistic dimension to play with
dolls, for girls and boys (!).

Photo Credit: Just Dutch
Credits: Miffy handmade won silver in the category 'best toy for children 3 - 5’ at the Junior Designs Awards 2016 in England.