2017 / Toy Design / Construction Toy / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Toy Design/Construction Toy
  • Company
    TPPD / Thade Precht Playful Design, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Thade Precht
  • Design Team
    Thade Precht
  • Client
    Beluga Spielwaren Gmbh
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photographer Ekkehard Nitschke, Berlin/germany.copyrights Belong To Tppd / Thade Precht Playfuldesign & Beluga Spielwaren Gmbh, 2015-2017.

DOCKLETS is a new system of building blocks for both small and tall builders! Adhesive dots provide the models with stability and flexibility at the same time. The hooks and loops are distinguished by colour in order to allow for an intuitive use of the blocks. As a side effect, the dabs of colour make the products become a real head-turner. Illustrated step-by-step instructions make building the model ideas child’s play.

DOCKLETS promote the development of creative skills and spatial awareness in children. The blocks in all DOCKLETS products are compatible with each other. This means imagination and free play in particular, are at the forefront, as well as the structural fun of building.

Photo Credit: Tppd / Thade Precht Playful Design
Credits: Photographer Ekkehard Nitschke, Berlin/Germany.Copyrights belong to TPPD / Thade Precht PlayfulDesign & Beluga Spielwaren GmbH, 2015-2017.