2017 / Toy Design / Board Game / Professional

The Mysterious Forest

  • Prizes
    Silver in Toy Design/Board Game
  • Company
    IELLO, France
  • Lead Designer
    Aurélie Raphael
  • Client
  • Project Link

At IELLO, we believe in a child’s ability to appreciate the quality of a product, that is why we put a lot of work into The Mysterious Forest’s presentation as much as its contents.

Adapting the story of The Wormworld saga into a game, we wanted, to emit that same sense of wonder and adventure than when you open a really good book. The design we chose tells a story: the story on the left of the little boy Jonas, going through a mirror to a wonderful world, and the right side of the box is an invitation to participate to the story through play.

This part of the product contains a transparent plastic tray that allows the box’s background to merge with the conveniently placed back of the cards to create a unique and engaging visual. Since the child has to literally open the wonderful world that he or she will have to go through to get the components under the plastic tray, the product’s design is part of the gaming experience by enhancing the feeling of delving into another world.

To have a better look at the product, please watch this presentation video in less than 1 minute: https://youtu.be/Qcao8L-PnwY

Thank you.

Photo Credit: Iello