2017 / Toy Design / Board Game / Professional


  • Prizes
    Platinum in Toy Design/Board Game
  • Company
    tnzq,llc, Japan
  • Lead Designer
    Jungo Kanayama
  • Design Team
    Ryutaro Modeki Yohei Iwaki
  • Client
  • Project Link

Everyone has experienced with playing “the reversi” board

It is well known for the worlds most simple board game, but the
product had a plain designe.

TNZQ, and TWOTONE inc (coming out from Shibuya Tokyo)
came up with a designed project in-titled “sens” . And from
that project came up with an eye-opener , their debut product
is the brand new reversi.

The typical riversi all over the world had white and green
pieces combined. they have came up with a new idea from its
material to color combination, and on to the feel of its touch.
this process lead the product into perfection.

The piece material and the surface of the board is pure high
quality acrylic. The beauty of it is the clear surface of the
board, there are no ruled lines to divide the zone. it is 8×8 with
64 dots in order. The player will enjoy placing the piece on the

The pieces will not come with an ordinary black/white, but with
new 3 color patterns. such as black/dark gray. white/clear. The
flagship pattern,in blue/pink.

You will enjoy not only playing it but to display it, The brand
new reversi “TWOTONE™”

Photo Credit: Tnzq,llc