2017 / Lifestyle And Travel / Footwear / Professional

Paper Doll Shoes

  • Prizes
    Silver in Lifestyle and Travel/Footwear
  • Company
    De Guang Digital Design Co Ltd, Taiwan
  • Lead Designer

    yi-han Chen, Graduate Program Of Design And Arts College, Da-yeh University. Adviser: Wu Min Shu, Assistant Professor.

    chen-yuan Kao, Design Director

  • Design Team
    Jie-Yi Lin, Fiber Artist TaTi-Workshop , Yi-han Chen, Product Designer DE GUANG DIGITAL DESIGN CO LTD and Chieh-wen Chen, Visual Designer DE GUANG DIGITAL DESIGN CO LTD
  • Client
    De Guang Digital Design Co Ltd
  • Project Link
  • University
    Kao Chu Yi

The changeability of shoe surfaces on one
base could present more different
impressions. It will become the new trend
that shoes could change the surface as
wearing new clothes. The variety of shoe
style brings colorful fashion on your
feet. One base matching different surface
could easily match your outfit on your
likes. The tenon-mortise of the shoe base
was applied by modular design. Wearing
Paper Doll Shoes is like playing the paper
doll, and the users could change the
surface freely.

Other prizes
。2015 iF Design Award 。2015 Green Product Award Selection 。2015 Summer issue of INNOVATION Showcase 。2015 Spark Design Awards Winner Silver 。2015-2016 World Design Impact Prize - Nominations 。2015-2016 A’design Award - Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award 。2016 German Design Award Nominee 。2016 German Design Award Special Mention 。2016 Green Product Award Selection

Photo Credit: De Guang Digital Design Co Ltd