2017 / Lifestyle And Travel / Travel Accessory / Professional

One-O-One Travel Mug

  • Prizes
    Gold in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Accessory
  • Company
    Acera, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    In House Design: Acera External Design Office: Hangar Design Group
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In handmade ceramic, One-O-One is a travel mug
designed for the containment and
transportation of liquids and beverages.
It is part of a wider range developed by LIVEN, a
collection of ceramic accessories produced by
ACERA, a Taiwanese brand based also in Mainland
China, whose renowned craftsmanship makes it
one of the most recognized quality ceramics-maker
in Asia.

The product is declined in black & white and fresh
pastel colors and with different patterns.
Geometrical reliefs interchange with embossed
textures, conferring greater grip and emphasizing
the tactile sensation while drinking.
Between the outer surface and the smooth inner
surface in white ceramics there is a cavity for better
thermal insulation.

The entire collection is made of ceramic enriched
with white tourmaline minerals, carrying an
electrical charge when subjected to heat, releasing
negative ions that help purifying any liquid or food
content, combining tangible benefits with the
pleasure of a contemporary design.

Inspiring principles for the entire collection are the
search for beauty in simplicity. The concept of travel
mug re-interprets the Taiwanese ceramics tradition
in a contemporary way, focusing on an object
whose function summarizes a typical Asian custom,
linked to the consumption of tea and drinks in a
travel container.

Its function is tied to the idea of ​​harmonious
wellbeing. On-O-One is in fact designed to provide
a health benefit thanks a unique production
process, which involves the use of tourmaline
powder in addition to the traditional components of
the ceramic. The presence of this ingredient helps
to purify the liquid or food contents, thereby
enhancing their organoleptic characteristics.

One-O-One interprets an everyday object of Asian
tradition, designed for personal wellbeing, and
connects it to an international taste and lifestyle,
turning it into an elegant accessory inspired by the
idea of ​​travel as a multicultural experience.

Size: h 230 mm d 70 mm

Photo Credit: Acera