2017 / Children Products / Safety / Professional

SAM, Secure, Autonomous and Mobile

  • Company
    Robot Security Systems, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Spark Design & Innovation
  • Design Team
  • Client
    Robot Security Systems
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SAM is an autonomous operating unit that
supervises, observes, detects and responds as
a human security guard. The new design for
SAM has major improvements in appearance and
production costs are reduced.

Central construction
A thorough analysis revealed that, with a
calculated construction, savings could be
made in the assembly. An entirely different
approach to the construction moved the
supporting structure to the core of the
product. The robot’s intelligence, consisting
of electronic components, can now be easily
accessed and built quickly around this core.
This resulted in an assembly process
decreased to a fraction of its initial time.
And with the positive side effect of reducing
downtime during maintenance.

In addition, many details were addressed. The
placement of sensors and antennas and, in
particular, large product graphics to create
a much more powerful look & feel. One of the
graphical effects has been to accentuate a
clear direction of travel. In the old model,
the robot appeared to be moving backwards.

The huge savings in assembly time and, as a
result, the reduction in production costs,
were central to this design. The space
created in the build for extra, specific
sensors ensures a stronger value proposition
for the user and a sustainable business case
for our client. The demand for the SAM has
increased significantly since the
introduction of the new design.

Design commissions such as this require
tailor-made solutions, with a
fully-integrated design and engineering
approach. Solutions that require an intensive
form of cooperation between all stakeholders.
In this project, all parties merged to form a
close team that achieved results that
exceeded expectations within a short time.

With the new and improved SAM a loyal friend
and an extra set of eyes for security guards
was designed.

Photo Credit: Robot Security Systems