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Teething Toy

  • Company
    Matchstick Monkey, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Katie Windridge
  • Design Team
    Charles Williams, Stephen McEvoy, Sam Windridge
  • Client
    Matchstick Monkey
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  • Other credit
    We Have Won Many Awards Including: Junior Design Award - Gold 2016Practical Pre School Awards - Gold 2016We Have Recently Got A Mums Net Best - 2017The Reviews From Mums Have Been Incredible And We Are Having Such A Great Response To The Market.

Matchstick Monkey is a fun flexible baby
teething applicator which aids pain relief
getting teething gels and granules right to
the source of the pain. This fun soft
textured teething toy has bumps on the back
of the head to help keep your recommended
gels or granules in place whilst massaging
those back gums at the same time.

Matchstick Monkey has been designed with
safty in mind. The wide monkey arms provide
an easy to grasp surface for infants to hold
as well as help you get the gel or granules
into the right place, soothing sore gums.

The wide arms coupled with the short neck and
legs stop children from choking and provide a
safe toy which can also help improve their
motor neurone skills.

There is nothing like Matchstick Monkey on
the market. Many other teething toys cater
for the babies front gums but whilst babies
always get their front teeth through first
from there after these become less effective.
Matchstick Monkey allows you to get to the
side and back gums enabling you to medicate
by applying teething pain relief products to
the carefully designed bumps on the back of
the head. Letting your baby take teething
into their own hands. Or alternatively just
use matchstick monkey as a fun chewable

BPA Free, Made from FDA approved silicone
which is compliant with government standards.
Dishwasher safe and Freezer friendly.

Matchstick Monkey can also be used as a pre
training toothbrush teething children early
oral hygiene.

A fun flexible toy for babies and toddles
from 3 months to 3 years.

Photo Credit: Matchstick Monkey
Credits: We have Won many Awards including: Junior design Award - Gold 2016Practical Pre School Awards - Gold 2016We have recently got a Mums Net Best - 2017The reviews from mums have been incredible and we are having such a great response to the market.