Silver 2017 / Children Products / Feeding / Professional

2-in-1 Baby Food Prep Steamer - Blender

  • Company
    Philips Design
  • Director
    Sean Carney
  • Design Team
    Philips Design Team

Making meal times healthier for babies but easier for busy parents, the Philips Avent 2- in-1 Baby Food Steamer & Blender cooks homemade baby food quickly and simply. Aimed at parents looking to make nutritious homemade baby food and establish good eating habits from an early age, the Philips Avent 2- in-1 Baby Food Steamer & Blender combines steaming with blending into one product so parents don't need to switch between different tools. Compact, contemporary design combined with unique circulating steam technology ensures all food is cooked evenly while preserving natural goodness. With fewer parts, it’s simple to set up and clean. The 2-in-1 Baby Food Steamer & Blender is designed to make meal times easier for busy parents and healthier for weaning babies. It's design: • The design is clean and friendly, yet has a sophisticated look & feel, superior material and textures, that is desirable to parents. It’s clear UI and way of using makes it a delight to use. • The design incorporates unique circulating steam technology, steam circulates from the base upwards so all food is cooked evenly while preserving natural goodness and differentiating from competition. (Conventional Baby steamer blenders works the other way around: the steam builds up before permeating downwards through food/basket, then traveling upwards to exit via the steam outlet) • The weaning app that is designed for the product adds to the overall user experience and provides added value to the user. • Compact size on your kitchen counter top. • The smart design has less parts, making set up, blending and cleaning simpler with fewer steps.

Photo Credit: Philips Design