2017 / Children Products / Feeding / Professional

Milk Monster

  • Prizes
    Gold in Children Products/Feeding
  • Company
    D2m Innovation, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Rupert Warries
  • Design Team
    Rupert Warries
  • Client
    First Hand Learning
  • Project Link

Milk Monster – the innovative and unique baby
milk timer.

Both breast and formula milk can have harmful
levels of bacteria and decrease in nutritional
value if left out for too long, even when

The Milk Monster is a simple and intuitive
timer that gives parents a visual reminder as
to when the milk starts to deteriorate and
shouldn’t be used. A user experience driven
design process resulted in a product whose
interface is easy and fast to operate with
minimal instruction, but also appeals to both
the parent and child’s sense of play with a
friendly, personality filled ‘monster’ design
that balances aesthetics with well-considered

Simple and effective, the timer can be
attached to bottles of any size through the
use of a silicone strap and has a simple, the
3 button interface that makes operation easy
and reduces the risk of accidental resets or
timing errors. The screen is backlit and the
body is photoluminescent, allowing parents to
locate the bottles and read the timer in the
dark - perfect for night feeds.

The product is shrouded in silicone for impact
resistance and child safety and Milk Monster
is splash-proof and dishwasher-friendly
meaning the device can withstand anything baby
throws at it – literally!

Photo Credit: D2m Innovation