2017 / Children Products / Baby Stationery / Professional

Baby Journal

  • Prizes
    Silver in Children Products/Baby Stationery
  • Company
    Studio Grau, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Chrish Knigge
  • Design Team
  • Client
    Moola – Papergoods & Gifts
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The Baby Journal by Moola, treasures all the
small and big moments of your baby's first
year. The special way it’s bound allows the
book block to grow with the pictures and
stories you add to it, while beautifully staying in
shape after it’s been filled. The journal comes
in a cardboard box with an extra elastic band,
so you can either change the color or file in
something extra.

Nine baby circus animals open each chapter.
From „I’m on my way“ to „Mom & Dad“, to the
chapter entitled „The First Time“, you’ll find
ample space for photos, important dates and
all the unforgettable firsts. Included is a small
envelope for a lock of baby’s hair. Tiny dots on
the photo pages help you adjust your pictures
and get them aligned.

The Baby Journal unites modern design with
best craftsmenship to create a product that is
well thought out and of the highest quality to
accompany its owners through their exciting
first year, becoming a piece of family heritage.

For this reason we only chose the best
materials and producers:

- the book is assembled and refined in Berlin.
You can order the journal with your baby’s
name, which is then embossed by hand.

- the journal is beeing produced by a tradition-
rich book manufacturer in Germany. The
special cover is hand made by bookbinders

- the linen cover is made from 100% Viscose, is
solvent free, free of chlorinated hydrocarbons,
skin-friendly and bio degradable.

- the paper is FSC-certified.

- the box is made of recycled materials in Berlin

- the wooden balls are certified by the german
standard DIN EN71 and are resistant to saliva

Photo Credit: Studio Grau