2017 / Children Products / Children Products / Professional

Esca Volá

  • Prizes
    Silver in Children Products/Children Products
  • Lead Designer
    Rodrigo Asencio
  • Project Link

ESCA VOLÁ is a versatile chair for babies,
kids and adults. It is composed of 2 parts:
one part is the back support and the other
is the seat. This seat can be located at
different heights of the back support
depending on the way that you want to use it.
If you want to use it as a regular chair the
height will be different from the use for a bar.
Adults can use the chair for lunch or as a
bar chair and the kids can use is for
playing, lunching or anything that they want.
Have 4 positions, 4 diferents levels to seat.
The special thing about the chair is that the
transformations are made using your own hands
and without the need of tools. It is a
playful chair that motivates people to change
the regular use.
The design of this chair is friendly to the
environment, it is made of wood.

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Asencio