2017 / Flora And Fauna / Pet accessories / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Flora and fauna/Pet accessories
  • Company
    Volentis GmbH, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Friederike Erhorn
  • Project Link

Volentis GmbH is an unconventional design
start-up that combines creativity with Swiss
perfection. With our brand "LABONI" we aim to
make the lives of dogs and owners practically
better and sensually more beautiful. This is
why all LABONI products stand for
uncompromising quality and are characterized
by the perfect interplay of shapes, materials
and functionality.

LABONI products are not mass-produced, but
are handcrafted in selected manufactories
with great attention to detail. Due to the
wide selection of designs and materials, our
label offers furniture suitable for every
individual interior.

We have developed "Riva" as a unique retreat
for four-legged friends that exudes
aesthetics, comfort and coziness while being
warm and inviting, chic and fascinating. The
use of innovative materials like Urecel
QuickDry foam and Stamskin One by Serge
Ferrari makes Riva easy to care for and durable.

Riva - the perfect fusion of style and

Photo Credit: Volentis Gmbh