Gold 2017 / Education / Self learning devices / Professional

Chineasy Tiles

  • Company
  • Director
    Shaolan Hsueh
  • Design Team
    Noma Bar Jossy Lee Ling-Wen Yen Dimple Nathwani Wan-Ju Liang Kelly Chen Tammy Liao David Chuang Serene Lu Tammy Shen

ShaoLan, a London-based Taiwanese entrepreneur, was having trouble inspiring her kids to learn Chinese. So she created Chineasy, an award-winning teaching method that has revolutionized Chinese learning. For anyone trying to understand China, Chinese language, and culture, Chineasy is the natural first step. This innovative, design-driven, user-centric brand has over 600,000 followers across the internet, and its publications have been translated into 19 languages and sold in over 30 countries. Wallpaper* Magazine awarded Chineasy the 2014 Design Award for “Life-Enhancer of the Year”. Visitors to the UK Design Museum voted Chineasy one of the “Best Designs of the Year 2014.” Chineasy won the D&AD 2015 awards. FastCompany ranked Chineasy in the World’s Top 10 Innovative Companies backed by Kickstarter in 2015. Wired Japan ranked Chineasy in the Top 25 Design Projects in the WXD 2015. Working in London, Boston, and Taipei, ShaoLan and her team believe in playful learning and innovation, the team collaborated with MIT to develop Chineasy Tiles - a Chinese learning game with which players can start with 48 essential characters, and can then form 200+ Chinese phrases. Rigorous user testing is conducted to ensure that Chineasy Tiles will fulfil the needs of a wide user base. In classroom, social, and home environments, the team tested over 100 people aged 4 to 60, from native Chinese speakers to total beginners. The final product has incorporated critical feedbacks, such as including only characters consistent for both traditional and simplified Chinese, making the game board flat (more exciting if you can peek others’ progress!), making a dent in the tile cavity to allow users to flip tiles easily, and more. Through Chineasy Tiles, Chineasy will carry on its mission to bridge the gap between East and West by breaking down the Great Wall of Chinese Language.

Photo Credit: Chineasy