Bronze 2017 / Education / Toys for pre-school learning / Professional

Kuum: Intuitive Toy Blocks

  • Company
  • Director
    Marie Uno
  • Design Team
    Hideshi Hamaguchi Ippei Iwahara

This collection of beautiful and innovative toy blocks consists of 12 iconic units with poetic stories infused, with 2 color variations each. The units can be further disassembled into unique 36 different shapes (202 pieces in total), with which you can build various objects, both concrete and abstract, that you could never imagine. KUUM is designed to stimulate children's curiosity in both rational and emotional ways, so that their concentration lasts for a very long time and its usage can be diverse depending on each child's unique creativity . The pieces express fundamental elements of rich Japanese nature like pebbles, twigs, and sea shells. The lengths and angles of the pieces have been carefully calculated and designed to maximize the number of combinations possible within the limited 202 pieces. The diversity, limitation, and their pre- established harmony enables the release of immense imagination and creativity.

Photo Credit: Monogoto