Silver 2017 / Education / Teaching aids / Professional


  • Company
  • Director
    Camilla Annarumma
  • Design Team
    Danilo Makio Saito Fabio Salmoni Tatiane Mayumi Nakasone Cristiane Hitomi Yasmin Ghazzaoui Ricardo Kenji

Spindow is a practical and fun method for anyone who wants to learn English. The method shows patterns that are always repeated in the language so the user can understand its logic and play with it to make new phrases. It’s a platform that can be applied for teaching any language. By desconstructing the words into blocks with different colors, students - children and adults - can understand the language structure with a visual way, making the learning process more intuitive. The method helps a lot people with dyslexia, making up 80% of the students that are using this tool to learn in Brazil.

Photo Credit: Umcomum
Credits: Rodrigo Guimarães, founder of Spindow.