Silver 2017 / Design For Society / Design for Sustainability / Professional


  • Company
    Enrique Diaz-rato
  • Director
    Enrique Diaz-rato

It’s important to look at the past as much as the future, when looking for sustainable alternatives to reduce the waste of energy which characterizes our electricity-dependent society. As modern appliances replace traditional systems, we’ve come to rely more and more on products that on one side make our lives easier, but take a dramatic toll on our precious environment. As a predecessor to the fridge, the Botijo was used for centuries as a domestic tool to store and cool water in the arid Mediterranean. As water evaporates through the porous clay, a layer of condensing water sets on the exterior surface, gradually cooling the inside. This process known as evaporative cooling can cool water up to 13ºC in less than 2 hours. The traditional Botijo has a 5 lt capacity, which was useful for people in rural areas as they worked for hours under the sun. The Botijo holds 1 lt. of water, and like the traditional version, features two sprouts; a large one for filling called boca, and a smaller one for drinking called piton. This modern take on the traditional Botijo reveals an ergonomic design, and it’s favorable size pushes its presence beyond the domestic realm. The Botijo is crafted in earthenware, and features two closures fabricated in wood and cork. The beauty of this product not only relies on the use of a centuries-old sustainable technology, and it’s remarkable functionality, but in the conscious reminder to the user of the importance to preserve our environment through sustainable ways.

Photo Credit: Enrique Diaz-rato