Gold 2017 / Design For Society / Design for Environment / Professional

Cph Sense

  • Company
  • Director
    Vinay Venkatraman
  • Design Team
    Milan Földi, Christian Sonne, Rohit Sharma, Vignesh Krishnamoorthy, Drew Rosskelly, Joshua Flowers

CPH Sense is sensing as a service product to gather deep insight into the environmental conditions of a city. CPH Sense measures air quality and pollution levels. CPH Sense uses full power of cloud computing and offers a highly scalable solution to capture multiple sensor- based data, analysis of data sets at high speed. We have had a high focus on creating a sensor of high quality while maintaining a very elegant and efficient design. Thus, with a good design and only the need of a power connection we have made it possible for cities to measure air quality street by street without interfering with the visual experience of the city. With our sensor, it has become possible and easy for cities to offer citizens a mapping of the air quality in their local neighborhood. The design integrated a radically new approach in science to make a compact and high quality sensor. Before this product such sensors were about a size of a 20- foot container. The design has focus on: - City planning and blending in to the city landscape through good industrial design - Installation: It is easy to mount and dismount due to just one security screw thus, saving valuable installation costs and time - Uniqueness: The design is unique in the way that it allows for air to be taken in while keeping water and other deberies out - Simplicity: The design also makes it very simple for electrical installation with high focus on safety - A good balance between good visual appeal and blending in to city infrastructure to avoid vandalism -The design makes it truly plug and play - allowing for powerful data visualization to be created within minutes of installation.

Photo Credit: Leapcraft