Bronze 2017 / Design For Society / Designs for Social Impact / Professional

Double Decker Bicycle Rack

  • Company
    Diseño Neko
  • Director
    Hiroshi Ikenaga, Daniel Olvera, Alice Pegman, Karime Tosca
  • Design Team
    Pablo Patiño Jovan Santiago Juan Antonio Guerrero

The double-decker assisted bicycle rack by Neko is the first user-centred two-tier cycle parking system. Accessible, easy to use, effortless, space saving, and usable by anybody, regardless of age, physical capabilities, or bicycle weight. It can even be used for electric bikes up to 40kg, which can be easily lifted to the upper level. The rack lowers to ground level so the bike can be wheeled into place, and the pneumatically assisted folding system lifts the bicycle to the upper level with minimum effort. Unlike existing two-tier models, no lifting of the bike onto the rack is required. The system stores 8 bicycles in just 2 metres, making it ideal for bicycle-dense urban areas in which parking space is limited. Patent- pending design worldwide.

Photo Credit: Diseño Neko