Silver 2017 / Design For Society / Designs for Social Impact / Professional

Shelter Pack

  • Company
  • Director
    Hakan Gursu
  • Design Team
    Designnobis Team

Shelter Pack is a flat pack, easy to transport shelter which is 12 square meter and easy to assemble- can be built in just few hours. It can sustain a family of four for months following a disaster. Every unit features 4 single beds, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and foldable dining table and storage spaces. Since the system is out of touch with ground, heat loss from the floor and blowing in wind are avoided. With its angle adjustable legs, system can be installed in sloping lands as well. The structure of the system is well-thought in order to protect disaster stricken people from climate of the area. Water spouts created on the roof prevents rain load and water leakage, while skylight provides receiving sunlight overhead all day. With those water spouts, a sum of rain water is collected and stored in water tank to be used when there is a need. Between the fiber walls, fire and waterproof two different fabric surfaces and plywood in between are used as heat insulating materials. Provided by organizations or governmental emergency management departments, sizes in 80 cm height, 4,5 meters length and 2,5 meters width, 12 disaster shelter systems can be got post disaster areas on a single standard semi- trailer truck.

Photo Credit: Designnobis