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Athena: Smart Safety Jewelry Designed To Help Reduce Assaults

  • Company
    Roar For Good
  • Director
    Christina Kazakia
  • Design Team
    Yasmine Mustafa (Co-founder, CEO), Anthony Gold (COO), Mahmoud Mustafa (Product Development), Hunter Vargas (Community Engagement), Rich Nelson (Mechanical), Joseph Crabtree (Electrical), Kostas Nasis (Software)

WE DESIGNED ATHENA TO HELP SAVE LIVES. Athena is a simple device with a big mission - to protect women with the touch of a button. It has two modes: one for emergencies and another for discreet situations (SilentROAR™). Athena in not just a product, it's part of a movement. For each device sold, a portion of proceeds is invested in educational programs that have been shown to increase empathy and reduce violence. The device can be magnetically clipped onto various materials and worn throughout the day discreetly. The design also allows the user to attach it to necklaces and key rings. Athena has a long-lasting and rechargeable battery with a light ring to indicate when it's been fully charged. This wearable technology incorporates a vibration motor and an alarm system to accommodate the various situations a user may be in. Press the button for 3+ seconds and an alarm will set off, warning the attackers and buying the victim more time to escape. Tap the button 3+ times and SilentROAR™ will kick in signaling its activation via vibration. ROAR's iOS and Android app is underway and will soon launch. Athena is to be used with this free app. You may learn more here:

Photo Credit: Roar For Good