2017 / Design For Society / Public Campaigns / Professional

CleanRome awareness campaign

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Design for Society/Design for Public Awareness, Bronze in Design for Society/Public Campaigns
  • Company
    Aliantedizioni, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Alessandro Loschiavo
  • Design Team
    Marco Paiani
  • Client
    Liceo Ginnasio Di Stato Eugenio Montale Di Roma
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photography: Marino Abbatelli

“CleanRome” is a non-profit awareness campaign dedicated to the city of Rome and addressed to citizens, visitors and pilgrims from all over the world to help them recover a fundamental civic sense and to invite them to respect the most amazing concentration of art masterpieces in a single city. CleanRome intends to stimulate a collective awareness so as to contribute to the protection for extraordinary historical and artistic heritage of the eternal city. An awareness campaign based on the circulation of a slogan that quotes the well-known ROMA PULITA (Rome Cleaned), created in 1983 by the experts of the Municipality of Rome, but with the intention of transforming that hope into a personal commitment.

CleanRome wants to help locals and visitors change or improve their behaviour. Citizens and guests should become active protagonists of a cultural, as well as civil rebirth, aware that the conditions of Rome are a global concern and not only a local need. The CleanRome logo was designed by Alessandro Loschiavo and Marco Paiani avoiding any reference to the typical local monuments.

Instead, it focuses the attention on one of the most charming aspects in the Capitoline landscape: the maritime pines and their spectacular ramifications that decorate the seven hills, making a valuable contribution to the image of the city. A non-ritual logo that refers to the complexity of an urban vegetation which is precious yet threatened. The images by the photographer Marino Abbatelli that accompany the launch of the CleanRome logo were shot thanks to the collaboration and the availability of teachers and the senior students of the Liceo E. Montale di Roma (state high school) during school break. The photos have been daily published on the CleanRome Facebook page.

Photographer Marino Abbatelli

Photo Credit: Aliantedizioni
Credits: Photography: Marino Abbatelli