Silver 2017 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Professional

Speed Capture Kiosk

  • Company
    Xsense Design
  • Director
    John Stangdell
  • Design Team
    John Stangdell

Speed Capture kiosk securely and reliably captures biometric data with highest quality for mission critical applications such as identity management and ABIS systems. Mostly used for capturing data for passports and other identification documents. It is changing the way we work with biometric security – creating a safer place for tomorrow’s global people. The project was excecuted for a small company with limited rescources, a tight deadline and tough requirements on low cost production. We started the design by putting all earlier products aside and worked solely with the intention of designing an optimal product. This was done in terms of ergonomics for all kinds of people including handicapped, user interaction, process procedures, high flow of clients, maintenance, hygiene, robustness, low cost and most important of all; capturing high quality biometric data. We also wanted to create a unique modern and user friendly look and considering how large the internal components are it was not easy. The product is also modular which means that many components can be replaced and added and this made the job more complex. The result is a product unlike any other in this category. The product has just been released and the feedback out on the field is really great and it has attracted a lot of attention around the world.

Photo Credit: Xsense Design