Bronze 2017 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Professional

Heart Plate Smart

  • Company
    Designer And Gentleman
  • Director
    Nikola Vucicevic
  • Design Team
    Nikola Vucicevic, Nemanja Vucicevic, Valerija Spasojevic, Ivan Apostolski, Nenad Jovanov, Zoran Railic,

The Biggest Problem of 21st century is Obesity. More than 80 million Americans are obese. That’s about one- quarter of the population of the United States. In 2013 not one state reported an obesity level of less than 20 percent. Obesity can shorten our lives, restrict the lifestyles we enjoy and even weaken our economy as a whole. It’s common knowledge that obesity can cause dangerously elevated blood pressure leading to heart disease and strokes. The simple truth is that for most people, the cause of obesity is overeating and that overeating is the result of poor portion control. Solution: Heart Plate TM Smart. It’s a (smart) dishware that is capable of reading and displaying various data relating to the food placed therein. The dishware also includes an integrated body mass index reader and heart shaped protrusion to raise awareness regarding the user’s eating habits and physical health. It’s connected with Bluetooth with your phone, while phone it self can display data as well transfer it further to the doctor, nurse or caregiver. With your cellphone it’s capable of saving the data and have more control of your body condition every day in periods of recovery after injuries, or it can become tour regular day routine. Have more diet control. Heart Plate TM was invented to help people because we believe that good design helps elevate the quality of living. Food, eating habits, and health are already major topics in society. Therefore, the Heart Plate TM is the affordable item that can be a game- changer. Let a smart plate be your partner for achieving your goal through a small effort every day. Eat Smart- Save Your Heart.

Photo Credit: Designer And Gentleman