2017 / Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness / Professional

Stealth BMod

  • Company
    Linx, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Mikael Bäckström
  • Design Team
    Alan Rosenfield, Steve Remy
  • Client
    Symmetry Hand Hygiene
  • Project Link

Dangerous microorganisms can be
transmitted by peoples' hands, making hand
hygiene through hand washes or sanitizers
critical to public health. Devices
dispensing a hand hygiene soaps and
sanitizers have been an effective tool in
the fight against infection.
Unfortunately, compliance and use of these
hand sanitation devices are not adhered to
strictly over time. Habituation, or a
diminished response to stimuli over time,
is an influential factor in hand hygiene
negligence. The simple task of dispensing
a sanitizing solution can become easily
forgotten with no reminders present.

Stealth hand hygiene dispenser is designed
to increase hand hygiene compliance in
many environments. Users eyes are guided
to the actuation lever by the curvature of
the front housing. The durable dispenser
housing and lever can be actuated from 180
degrees. To ensure the dispenser remains
full, Stealth features a large window to
check fluid level and improved mechanism
to simplify bag loading. An integrated
placard and light system employs behavior
drivers to break habituation. These
behavior drivers are regularly changed to
continually bring attention to the
dispensers. Additionally, placards help
institutions bring hand hygiene campaigns
to the dispensers. Studies at three
hospitals have shown that these behavior
drivers increase dispenser usage. Both
Stealth dispenser and the integrated
behavior modification system help bring
attention to hand hygiene.

Photo Credit: Linx