2017 / Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Design for Society/Design for Public Awareness
  • Company
    Laboratori Fabrici Srl, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Vincenzo Vitiello
  • Design Team
    Alessio D'Andrea Paolo Ganis
  • Project Link

In a society driven by futile needs, our company
focuses on real problems such as health and
wellness, by developing hybrid products that
combine: nature, technology and Made in Italy
Our mission is to sensitize people towards green
ethics and healthcare issues, thanks to simple
and recognizable products but that are also
incredibly innovative.
Clairy is an amazing indoor natural Air Purifier, a
flowerpot that combines real plants with
technology, helping people in reducing indoor
pollution which is becoming a huge threat to
health. The plant is in fact helped by an incredible
tech unit, a technological core that amplifies the
purifying properties of the plant. It has a great
design, made with finest italian ceramic and it is
also a smart flowerpot, it connects to Wi-Fi and it
can be managed with a proprietary app that
works with smartphones and tablets.
Thanks to the app, consumers will have a real-
time experience:- Real-time analysis of the
pollutants in indoors spaces- Temperature and
Humidity monitor- Analytics. The Clairy system
will therefore become a smart assistant for
people’s healthcare and wellness, by monitoring
and giving healthy tips. The product is also highly
customizable, you can choose the color of the
flowerpot, the type of plant and your favorite
grids, this makes it a product that can fit into any
house and setting.
-The Problem
Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a serious
concern as buildings have been increasingly
sealed in an effort to reduce energy consumption
and because people spend almost 90% of their
time indoors. Recent studies have proved that
indoor pollution can be up to 5 times higher than
outdoor pollution, the World Health Organization
has in fact listed it has one of the most dangerous
threats for our health. Volatile compounds¬ may
be produced by many sources, both natural and

Photo Credit: Laboratori Fabrici Srl