2017 / Illumination / Table Lamps / Professional

Inside Out

  • Prizes
    Silver in Illumination/Table Lamps
  • Company
    Daevas Design, Italy
  • Design Team
    Nima Fardi, Asia Samimi
  • Project Link

Inside Out is not just a lamp. It's an invitation to look on details, to touch the differences, to perceive the stability of a complex, putting
together different and opposite quiddities. It's body is in reinforced concrete and the lampshade frame is made out of brass bars.

The main goal in designing the Inside Out was to stress out the characteristics of concrete, although it is considered as a heavy and rough
material, it could be used in a very detailed and fine structure. On one side of the body lamp, we have left a rough surface as it usually comes in mind when talking about concrete, which represents the “Outside” of the body. On the other side, we have designed a rhythmic form based on small steps going into the body lamp. This part represents the “Inside” of the lamp.

As for the shade, we decided to leave just the frame, representing the armatures which are usually used in the concrete structures, for
reinforcement reason, so it seams that we brought out the inner armature, the hidden part. Despite the fact that these rebars (steel bars) are usually made of rough iron, by using a noble material like brass, we have symbolically increased it’s value.

Inside Out has a architectural form based on Fibonacci’s spiral. This method gives the object a harmony and continuous lines which brings
together all the parts. The height of the lamp is 470 mm and it weighs about 7 kg.

Photo Credit: Daevas Design