2017 / Illumination / Floor Lamps / Professional

Shift lamp

  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Floor Lamps
  • Company
    Regular Company, Croatia
  • Lead Designer
    Ruder Novak-mikulic
  • Design Team
    Marija Ruzic Marinko Murgic Tihomir Filipec
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photography: Marija Gasparovic

Shift is a lamp that in a very simple way,
without advanced technology or complex
mechanisms, meets the requirements of both
directed and background lighting. The
structure is ascetic, devoid of all extraneous
elements. It consists of three wooden struts
that the user self-assembles into a spatial
construction, and a shade that slides along
one of the struts, supported on the other two
in various positions. The shade is made of
perforated metal sheeting covered in leather,
in order to be strong enough to lean on the
wooden struts, and light enough to be simple
to use.

The lamp is avaliable in three sizes (S, M and
L) and two colors (black and white)
The wooden sticks are available in 6 different
types of wood (oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry
and pear), with various natural finishes (oils
and soaps).

Photo Credit: Regular Company
Credits: Photography: Marija Gasparovic