2017 / Illumination / Floor Lamps / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Floor Lamps
  • Company
    Oluce S.r.l., Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Victor Vasilev
  • Project Link

Victor Vasilev

Victor Vaisilev has designed the SUPERLUNA
lamp, stemming from his personal reflection
on the work of Vico Magistretti, and his
ability to conjure up iconic forms to bring
out light’s potentials.So,now that LEDs have
revolutionised the world of artificial light,
making it possible to reinvent lighting
bodies from their very source, Vasilev comes
up with a family of lamps – floor, table and
wall lamps – resulting from the desire to
make a very technical light magical, moulding
the size of the lamp right from the volume of
the LED. SUPERLUNA’s thin metal rod hides
both the electrical components and the light
source: the LED comes out of the stem at the
height of the rounded caps, which reflect the
light by revolving around its axis. The
celestial bodies’ perpetual movement is thus
echoed by the small light contained in the
actual structure of the lamp.

Floor lamp with indirect and reflected light
and two rotating half spheres, to direct the
light, in opaque white painted metal with
metal chrome-plated stem. It's available a
second stylish version of Superluna in black,
with the inner curve of the shades in white.
Low voltage LED lighting.
2 x max 7,5W LED
↑ cm. 175 → cm. 28

Photo Credit: Oluce S.r.l.