2017 / Illumination / Chandeliers / Professional

Aria Gold

  • Company
    SLAMP, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Zaha Hadid
  • Design Team
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Aria Gold is the most recent addition to Zaha
Hadid’s Aria family for Slamp, and was
released weeks before her untimely passing.She
specifically designed this version for her
Opus tower in Dubai. The chandelier is a
perfect alchemy of 50metalized polycarbonate
layers, which radiate around a central
LED source. Each of the chandelier’s arm is
different from the other, requiring that each
piece is almost entirely constructed by hand.
The fluidity and dynamism that immediately
identify Hadid’s work are reflected in this
lavish and lustrous expression of lighting
design. The visionary designer’s architectural
identity has been carried over to the newest
member of the collection, made of the
company’s patented polycarbonates, Lentiflex®
and Cristalflex®. The 50 layers have been
coloured with gold powder through an
innovative metallization process. Every Slamp
lamp is unique and recognizable thanks to the
use of patented technopolymers, which are
light, noble and unbreakable, allowing one to
create and construct forms, decorations and
effects otherwise impossible with other
materials. As in any haute couture atelier,
the creation of a Slamp lamp follows a precise
“ritual” of transformation, through a system
of cold cutting, slots and folds
executed by hand:a flat sheet of technopolymer
becomes three-dimensional volume.Slamp
exhibits an evolving passion for artisanal
virtue, expertly paired with industrial
excellence for 20years.Slamp’s company culture
revolves around continuing innovation and
conservation through their
recyclable, low-impact products.Instead of
using paint, the colour is vaporized in an
air-tight chamber, using an aluminum bar. The
transparent polycarbonate has been fixed
electrostatically so the colour is captured in
the material, guaranteeing that it will not
altered during the cutting and manipulation
phases. The 50 plates' transparency amplifies
the light, giving every layer an illuminated
profile. The result is a luxurious, gleaming
chandelier that adapts to an interior, and
enhances it.

Photo Credit: Slamp