2017 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Professional


  • Company
    Nova Design, Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Pierangelo Andreani
  • Client
    Sanyang Motor Co. Ltd
  • Project Link

Reflect to 2015 concept model Maxsym 500, the
dynamic flow line on the body cover expresses
casual, light-weighted yet aggressive
Unique and innovative LED direction lights
strengthen the sense of scientific and
technological characteristic. Nevertheless,
we emphasize on the unique identification of
crossover motor-bike design factor, line of
the side body cover reminiscent to image of a
mountain edge. The three-dimensional folded
lines echo to the ultimate light and sporty

San Yang Motors all new crossover maxi
scooter ‘CRUiSYM’: sharp and compact
appearance tells the nature of CRUiSYM, and
it’s born to be bringing more fun to riders!
CRUiSYM is molded from eagle shape and
combining dexterity and urban chic elements.
The headstock resembles the vigorous and
aggressive eagle beak, and the rear is
finished with compact but sophisticated
hexagonal 3D LED taillight in ever.

CRUiSYM captures your eyes by features below:
-Lighting system gives the live to CRUiSYM:
55W projection dual headlight, LED position
lights, LED signal lights and LED taillight.

-Adaptive footrest boards make your ride
cozier and happier:
3 modes are adaptive for riding: Cruising
Normal and Accelerating modes to accomplish
your journey with more fun.

-Smart safety characteristics secure lives:
foldable rear mirrors and adjustable
windscreen (2 modes could be adjusted).

-User-friendly configuration optimizes riding
Large storage space under seat (for 2 full-
faced helmets) plus glove box with 12V USB

Photo Credit: Nova Design