2017 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Company
    Rousseau Metal, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Serge Bisson, David Flamand & Alain St-pierre
  • Client
    Industrial And Automotive Markets
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Our goal was to create spacious,
personalized and well-organized
workstations that can be completely closed
to protect tools and any other item.

The name TekZone describes a workspace for
technical tasks.

During the design process, we had always
in mind to fulfill the needs of users:
1. Ergonomics, organization and efficiency
- Provides a comfortable, well-lit and
well-organized workspace.
- Everything is within arm's reach.
2. Aesthetic and security
- Can be closed completely to conceal &
protect objects on the work surface.
3. Customization and flexibility
- Creates a personalized workspace that
can be rearranged and adapted at all

The innovation is in the creation of the
global product because nothing exists for
the targeted markets as we have designed
it.Secondly, the slide-up door with its
spring and pulley assist mechanism is the
masterpiece of the TekZone hutch.

The main benefits for technical people is
to get a truly organized and ergonomic
workstation will allow them to be more
efficient because everything is within
arm's reach and they can leave there task
in place by just closing the door until
the next morning.

You can see all the advantages of the
TekZone Hutch on Youtube and by simply
accessing to www.rousseaumetal.com.

Rousseau Metal is a 65 years experience
company based in Quebec (Canada). We sell
mostly in North America (including Mexico)
Europe (mainly in England).

Photo Credit: Rousseau Metal