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  • Company
    Oval Sound, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Enrique Perotti
  • Design Team
    Alex Posada, Enrique Perotti, Alfons Echegaray
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  • Other credit
    Oval First Edition Team:Alex Posada Enrique Perotti Miguel Angel De Heras Alfons EchegarayDeveloped By Oval Sound SlEu Design And Patent Pending Al Rights Reserved By Oval Sound, Sl (c) 2017

The Oval is a new electronic musical instrument
designed from the ground-up to revolutionize
music creation, learning and live performance.
This next generation instrument has sensitive
multi-gesture sensors to combine the
expressiveness of an acoustic instrument, with
the flexibility of modern digital synthesis. To take
full advantage of each subtle gesture, the Oval
comes with its own multi-platform synthesis and
effects app which when paired together, create a
truly immersive playing experience.

The project was launched via a crowdfunding
campaign on Kickstarter, and to this day remains
one of the most successful campaigns on the
platform in 2015.

The external casing of OVAL is made with a
synthetic material that is easy to industrialise,
substantially reducing the price of the product. It
is a synthetic stone called Solid Surface (made
under the well-known brand Corian®, propriety of
DupontTM), a material with unique properties that
are superior to those of any type of plastic.

On the upper casing, OVAL shows 7 oval-shaped
areas (10 cm x 7 cm) which we refer to as “pads”
and a round central area (8 cm. diameter) called
“ding”. These areas are touch-sensitive and can
be tapped or caressed with the hand and fingers
to produce sounds and effects. Each pad and the
ding are independent modules comprised of a
small motherboard with a microprocessor and
several sensors, a silicon pad and a stiff Solid
Surface pad.

Each pad is designed to detect the impact or
movement of the hand or fingers of the musician:
the device turns pressure and position data into a
digital signal. The key to OVAL lies in its
advanced state-of-the- art 3d gesture sensors
and pressure sensors. The combination of these
two technologies provides a wide range of
musical possibilities unmatched by any other

Photo Credit: Oval Sound
Credits: Oval First edition team:Alex Posada Enrique Perotti Miguel Angel de Heras Alfons EchegarayDeveloped by Oval Sound SLEU design and patent pending Al rights reserved by Oval Sound, sL (c) 2017