2017 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery / Professional

CryoScan 3D

  • Company
    Brio Innovation, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Luc Bourgeois
  • Design Team
    François Couillard Jean-Frédérick Beaudoin Christiane Hermann
  • Client
    Cryos Technologies
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    Brio Innovation Is A Multidisciplinary Design Team With Over 25 Years Of ExperienceComplementary Talents Come Together. Brio Innovation Is A Product Development Agency Created In 2004 By Luc Bourgeois And François Couillard. The Founding Members, Now Respectively Directors Of The Innovation And Development Departments, Joined Forces In 2013 With Pierre Rondeau. As General Manager, Pierre's 30 Years Of Experience In Industrial Design Management And Practice Consolidates The Team.A Multidisciplinary Team Dedicated To Success. Brio Innovation Has Formed An Internal Team Of Recognized Experts Who Intervene In The Different Phases Of Product Development, From Opportunities Research To Ready-for- Production Products. We Strive To Convey The Meaning Behind Your Project And Give It That Extra Timeless Spark To Better Reach Your Target Audiences.Established And Recognized Expertise. Brio Innovation, A Major Actor In The Field Of Product Development, Is Solicited To Intervene In Professional And Educational Conferences. Our Expertise And Efficiency Have Often Been Recognized Through Projects That Have Received Numerous Patents, Prizes And Distinctions.


Few people have perfect biomechanics of the
foot and sometimes they need help to correct
it. Cryos Technology, manufacturer of
innovative orthosis of the foot for several
years, recently introduced the CryoScan3D,
relegating to the past the traditional and
craft methods of taking imprints of the foot
by foam compression.

Brio Innovation met the challenge given by
Cryos Technology to design a coherent system
of digitalization whilst integrating
innovative features with a simple and
reassuring visual signature. The result: A
modular scanner adapted to the needs of

CryoScan3D digitizes the foot instantly and
precisely, while allowing the podiatrist to
visualize his intervention in real time on
his monitor. The various configurations of
the system allow capturing the form of the
foot when at rest or with a full load.
Meanwhile, the suspension box simulates the
foot's morphology in action.

Photo Credit: Brio Innovation
Credits: BRIO INNOVATION IS A MULTIDISCIPLINARY DESIGN TEAM WITH OVER 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCECOMPLEMENTARY TALENTS COME TOGETHER. Brio Innovation is a product development agency created in 2004 by Luc Bourgeois and François Couillard. The founding members, now respectively Directors of the Innovation and Development departments, joined forces in 2013 with Pierre Rondeau. As General Manager, Pierre's 30 years of experience in industrial design management and practice consolidates the team.A MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM DEDICATED TO SUCCESS. Brio Innovation has formed an internal team of recognized experts who intervene in the different phases of product development, from opportunities research to ready-for- production products. We strive to convey the meaning behind your project and give it that extra timeless spark to better reach your target audiences.ESTABLISHED AND RECOGNIZED EXPERTISE. Brio Innovation, a major actor in the field of product development, is solicited to intervene in professional and educational conferences. Our expertise and efficiency have often been recognized through projects that have received numerous patents, prizes and distinctions.