2017 / Office Equipment / Workspace organizers / Professional

Evoko Liso

  • Prizes
    Gold in Office Equipment/Workspace organizers
  • Company
    Evoko Unlimited Ab, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Sam Peters, No Picnic
  • Design Team
    Sam Peters, No Picnic Richard Glückman, Evoko
  • Project Link

Evoko Liso is the next generation room
manager, a touch-screen solution for meeting
rooms. It makes it easier than ever to book a
room with a digital calendar, or directly on
the screen using your fingertip. All
information is elegantly presented on the
screen and it actually changes information on
the display when someone walks up to it,
always displaying the most relevant

You ca book, end or extend a meeting directly
from the clock or use the calendar to search
for other rooms based on availability, size
and equipment.

RFID/NFC and PIN verification enables easy
identification for on-screen bookings and the
possibility to restrict access for certain
rooms or groups. The much appreciated “check
in” function helps you to free up meeting
space by cancelling bookings when no one shows
up. Any non-functioning equipment in the room?
Simply report it on the screen.

Evoko Liso gives you full insight into your
organization’s meeting patterns to really
optimize resources. You get decision-making
support that truly cuts cost by analyzing
statistics in the web based Evoko Home. Make
sure you use the perfect room for every single
meeting. Evoko Home also offers extensive
multisite management options with permission
control and real-time monitoring of the units.

Thanks to the green and red light aura you can
see at a glance if the room is vacant or not.
No more confusion or double bookings. No more
confusion or double bookings. The mission is
clear – make sure all the meeting rooms are
being used in a truly effective way.


Photo Credit: Evoko Unlimited Ab