Gold 2017 / Office Equipment / Productivity Tools/Presentations / Professional

Der Zettelwirt

  • Company
    Off Lines
  • Director
    Christophe Chayriguet
  • Design Team
    Frank Hardy Trenschok, Manuel Hein

off lines crafts analog high-tech communication tools. Our Product “Der Zettewirt” is a handcrafted tool designed for single - tasking in the age of distraction. This mobile app supports you as a companion when you are on the go and lets you download your thoughts easily on paper, as the sheets can easily be added and removed one by one. The cover is tear and waterproof which will make the product very durable. “Online was yesterday. Forget the cloud let the sun shine!” #goofflinesnow

Photo Credit: Off Lines
Credits: Pictures by Tobias Riesch. The Product has won the German Design Award 2017. Design Team: Christophe Chayriguet, Manuel Hein