2017 / Office Equipment / Telecommunications / Professional

Evoko Groupie

  • Prizes
    Gold in Office Equipment/Telecommunications
  • Company
    Evoko Unlimited AB, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Casper Asmussen, Above Agency Ab
  • Design Team
    Casper Asmussen, Above Agency AB Richard Glückman, Evoko
  • Client
    Evoko Unlimited Ab
  • Project Link

Evoko Groupie - Puts you in the picture.

A wide angle illumination lens
Evoko Groupie is a portable wide angle
illumination lens that you can attach to any
device. It sticks easily on the existing
camera – enlarging and lightening up the field
of view. Making everyone in the video
conference clearly visible.

Making sure all are seen
Evoko Groupie widens the field of view. It
puts everyone on screen, even their body
language since the view is so much larger.
Finally, you can have effective and fun
communication – no matter where you are.

Lights up the dark
Evoko Groupie has an ambient light sensor that
adjusts the light automatically. Never again
will you be disturbed in a meeting by too dark
a room. Battery lasts for many hours, but
charge easily through your USB – and it’s
ready again.

Sticks to all devices
Evoko Groupie is easy to attach over the
existing camera on any computer, tablet or
smartphone. All thanks to a special micro
suction mount pad. It sticks easily on your
device and when the meeting is over – just
remove it.

Always at hand
Evoko Groupie comes with a smart travel case
to protect and make it easy to carry around
wherever you’re going. Use the cleaning
surface on the back of the case to keep the
screen nice and clean – all clear for another

Photo Credit: Evoko Unlimited Ab