2017 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Professional

Shark Line 46

  • Company
    Taipei Base Design Center, Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Janus Huang
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Shark Line 46 is a medium-sized leisure yacht. Comparing to the traditional bionic design skills,
it evades the over-concretized design language. The use of streamlined and sharp lines, matches
with a metallic, silver-black color combination, gives the whole yacht a cool and fashionable image
whether it is yachting or at anchor. Just like the hunting process of shark, the yacht exudes an
air of silent mystery while exhibiting power and speed.

The clean design is inspired by nature and more precisely the shark. By using an abstract concept,
the slim outline between the fin and body of shark guided us through the whole yacht design.

Shark Line 46 is a sporty and elegant yacht with dynamic styling, which has a luxury and trendy
Teeth as windows, gill slit as decoration of the stern, she simulates the characteristics of sharks
and shows the mystery of waiting for her prey in the hunting process.

Except for an attractive exterior, Shark Line 46 also has a delicate interior. Bringing more than
20 years space design experience to the table, we double the feeling of space, gives the owners a
luxury space enjoyment and makes them feel the cabin is 5 feet larger. The large glass sunroof that
natural light comes through inside adequately, let the owner enjoy breathing fresh air while

Photo Credit: Taipei Base Design Center