2017 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Professional


  • Prizes
    Platinum in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Company
    Exner Electric Boats, Austria
  • Lead Designer
    Thomas Exner
  • Project Link

Cosmo6oo is a pleasure craft with electric drive - the
fascination of the
speedboat experience combined with its special form,
design, innovation,
equipment and comfort with a friendly energy concept,
sustainable technologies
and intelligent solutions.
Cosmo600 is quick and due to the electronic drive almost
silently. But even
if Cosmo6oo represents „Power and Style“ of speedboats,
she is also an
incredibly friendly boat that loves to swing among water
lilies and combines
with the grandeur of our seascapes.
The combination of several technical aspects Cosmo600
achieved a hitherto
unseen dimension to the efficiency of the handling
The new lightweight construction of the hull, used in rigid
foam panels,
which were originally developed for the aircraft industry, as
well as the
hydrodynamic calculation of the hulls shape are precisely
matched to the
power of the electric engine. The chosen engines are
characterized by extremely
economical energy consumption, which only requires a
battery capacity.
The range of water sports that can be played with
Cosmo6oo, now extend
over wakeboarding through to monoskiing! For all boat
lovers who are
looking for design affinity and energy-conscious concepts
combined with
elegant décor, comfort, dynamic handling and high speed.

Photo Credit: Exner Electric Boats