2017 / Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles / Professional

Volta BCN electric motorbike

  • Company
    anima barcelona, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Diego Quiroga
  • Design Team
    Oliver pecharoman, Guile Galiano, Joan Sabata
  • Client
    Volta Motorbikes
  • Project Link

Volta is a new electric motorbike. Its has some new innovative features like a connectivity kit that allows to manage and control throw and mobile app features like battery charge level, anti thief system, charge programing, state of cells, etc. Also allows space for the helmet in the space where normally place the fuel tank. Is a powerful motorbike with 25 kw that can reach the 120 km/h with and average range between 70 and 100 km and al details are designed to fit the battery pack and follow the safety regulations without renounce to an elegant design

ÀNIMA Barcelona is a firm specialised in product design. Founded in Barcelona in 2002, we have an broad international experience. We collaborate in the design and development of new products for companies in different industrial sectors.

Other prizes
10 European Design Awards 2 Reddot 1 If design award 4 German design awards 2 SZIDF best of the best 4 Lighting Product Design Awards

Photo Credit: Anima Barcelona